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Andrew Miller was born In England. He studied Photography at the University of London and then Jewelry Design at Sir John Cass


He began his formal art training working for Joe Lyons ( Royal College of art ) building Ganzfeld Installations.  During this time he also worked as a scenic artist producing large scale canvases and site specific paintings for major advertising campaigns working with many of the most influential photographers 


In 1990 he joined Sotheby’s to study Post War and Contemporary Art and then moved to New York.

The artist still works in both Photography and Painting. 

Influenced by his background in photography and scenic painting, Miller began to explore new advances in digital technology and large format printing. After mastering the execution of photomontage, he created large-scale prints of his children comprised of hundreds of small images.  


In 2009, in response to an overwhelming demand for the artist’s intimate take on the technique of photomontage, he began to accept commissions for his Mosaics

Using hundreds of uniformly resized images, Miller creates large scale photographic mosaics, breathing new life into the tremendous catalog of photos that we tend to accumulate living in the peak of the digital age.

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